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Woolspire Interview

Norah Gaughan

Thank you Woolspire!  I love this portrait.

Google translation of the Danish interview:

American knitting guru with a penchant for twists The name Norah Gaughan blades perhaps familiar to several of Woolspires readers. She is in fact something of a knitting guru ! Norah has written several craft books, created designs for some of the world's most prestigious knitting magazines and is definitely an international trendsetter when it comes to twists. The world famous knitting designer was in Denmark for the first time , and taught (obviously) among other things , how to knit cables . Much to the delight of the many attendees told her a little about his exciting knitting career . " Design has always been an important part of my life , " says Norah , who grew up with a father who illustrated science fiction books , and a kunstnermor , which is often used knitting in her creations . At the beginning of his career, Norah most of yarn suppliers and magazines - including the prestigious Vogue Knitting . " At that time I had to make very easy recipes for all to knit design. Only later I started making more advanced designs - what I call interactive knit , " she says. Norah Gaughan designs knitting designer Norah Gaughan Norah is probably best known for its modern twists, but she says her passion for design started when she found some very basic stitches in knitting dictionary . The rest is design history . Her beautiful designs are often quite advanced with twisted stitches and cables with rib , and she has also experimented with circles and hexagons . All these different techniques have helped to create her ' knitting language ' . The versatile knit designer has also made ore colorful designs and knits for children - and has even authored a book with hækle- and knitting patterns for children , " Comfort Knitting & Crochet : Babies & Toddlers . " "Because of my constant experimentation with geometric shapes , different expressions and my big ' knitting language ' , I'll never run out of new ideas , " she smiles . Norah Gaughan Norah Gaughan designs designs And when Woolspire asked three participants about what they thought about Norahs workshop , they had only laudatory comments : " Inspiring ! So great to meet her face to face . This really surpassed all our expectations! " In Norahs fantastic book " Knitting Nature " you will find a wealth of beautiful and inspiring recipes. You can also read more about Norah and see great pictures of her designs on her website .